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Running a community development organization can be difficult. Based on reports from the CDFI Fund:

  • 73% of CDFIs experienced an increase in loan applications with anticipated further demand.

  • 67% of CDFIs say they are too capacity constrained to do everything they would like to do.

  • 64% of all staff turnover in the industry came from CDFI Loan Funds.

  • 32% of CDFIs report an inability to fulfill qualified loan requests.

  • 7 to 56 days is the amount of time it takes to close a loan. Some applications even take longer.

  • 42,00 CDFI employees provided technical assistance to over 4.6 million clients nationwide. That's over 100 clients per CDFI employee.

  • Consistent, trackable and impactful technical assistance is lacking with most CDFIs.

How can we help?



We've noticed more and more loan applications post PPP. Existing CDFIs may not have the capacity to keep up with demand. There may also be seasonal spikes in loan volume depending on portfolio make-up. Overwrite can help with capacity during these periods.


Our contract-based approach sees us getting paid per transaction (for the most part). This means Overwrite is incentivized to underwrite transactions as quickly as possible in order help CDFIs close more loans.

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Newer CDFIs


Newer CDFIs may need on-demand services without the commitment that comes with hiring full-time employees. These CDFIs may be yet to build out their loan or TA teams but want to hit the ground running. Overwrite can augment staffing needs for the period during which they hire.


Non-CDFI Institutions

We help non-CDFI institutions who may be involved in community development and are interested in creating a lending or financial literacy program. Examples are State Agencies, Foundations, Co-operatives, Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Religious Organizations, Educational Institutions & Cultural Organizations. 

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Whether its expertise in a certain industry or just leveraging our experience underwriting for multiple CDFIs, we can underwrite those unique loan applications not conventional to your team. Overwrite can also connect your organization with industry experts if you are looking to understand a particular industry.



Whether it is through research, implementation, training, monitoring or evaluation, we provide continuous TA support that can help your clients succeed long-term. While most CDFIs make TA recommendations, some do not have the capacity to implement and monitor progress with their clients. This is where Overwrite comes in. 


Our team has worked in some of the biggest global firms and has professional experience that cuts across multiple industries. We deliver all that experience and education to our clients to make sure they succeed.

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